Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Big Little Sister

Lydia Caroline

She's my best friend, room mate, and critic
She has a great sense of humor
When it comes to teasing she can dish it out but she can't take it
She is very creative
She reads my mom's news feed on Facebook
Did I mention that she's really nosy?
She's great at putting outfits together
She adores babies
She doesn't like animals, especially dogs
She sings in the shower...everyone in the house can hear her
I won't say what she thinks about boys because she'd slug me
She took ballet for seven years then switched to piano
She doesn't always share her emotions
She's a great care giver
She LOVES watermelon
And shoes
She is a procrastinator but when she finally gets around to doing a job she does it with excellence
She despises math
Sometimes we have to peel her away from the computer screen
I could see her having a lot of children
She makes fun of my driving ability
She makes fun of my brownies
She's a very opinionated person
She and I have spent many nights watching Road to Avonlea together on her little DVD player
She's three and a half inches taller than me
And she thinks its really great
People think that she's older-I clarify it for them :)
We make it a point never to go to bed mad at each other
We're similar in a lot of ways and totally different in others
She requires a lot of sleep
She's bossy to me, I guess she's paying me back for all the years I bossed her around
She has a quick wit
Sometimes I want to shake her with frustration, sometimes she wants to shake me
She can seem shy if you don't know her well but once you do she's VERY outgoing
She takes a lot of self portraits
She stalks blogs
She hates to run
She chews bubble gum for days (she saves it for later) it's disgusting :)
At one point she had five blogs going
She gets to do things a lot sooner than I did
She's great at impersonations! She does a MEAN south Georgia accent!
She makes me laugh so hard
She's a manipulator!
She drove for the first time a few weeks ago on our friends farm. I was in the back of the pickup truck and she almost sent me sailing through the back window a time or two. :) She did a great job for a first timer though.
She's very kind
When she gives a compliment I know she means it.
When we play a game if she's losing she sometimes resorts to cheating
When she's playing spoons she sometimes resorts to clawing
She likes to add her two cents worth :)
She's my dear friend

God has really been working in her life! I look forward to seeing what He has in store for her, she's special to me.

She told me she had to proof read this before I can post it. I hope she approves.

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  1. I like your new blog Abigail! I've enjoyed reading these posts about your siblings. :)
    I hope your summer was a great one!