Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mama, My Best Friend

She taught me how to walk, eat, swim, read, write, sing, and ride my bike
She taught me about God from the time I was born
As a toddler I remember her reading 2 Timothy and Proverbs 31 to me. One of the first verses that she taught me was Deuteronomy 6:4-9
I know that her prayers have been showered over me.
She's a chocoholic. Like mother, like daughter.
I've always wanted my Bible to look as well loved as her's.
She can read me like a book
She knows me better than anyone else
She is really into nutrition and exercise
She doesn't play sports
She played basketball for a short time in middle school but quit because she was scared of the ball
She wanted to marry a doctor and live in New York City. She swore she would never marry a redneck with a tool box on the back of his pickup truck.
She married a redneck with a tool box on the back of his pickup truck.
She's frugal and thrifty
She drives me an hour and a half away for ballet every week.
She always wanted to be a ballerina
When she and my dad were dating she said he was perfect...love is blind. :)
She's lived in West Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky
She's always wanted to have a big family

My mom on her wedding day in 1993
She's the one I spill my guts to :)
She's really fun to travel with
She's a hard worker
She has a great sense of humor
She can't stand to waste anything
She's a registered nurse
I always turn to her for advice
Her favorite colors to wear are black and white, I'm the same way :)
I want to go to Washington D.C. with her
She doesn't mind listening to all my ideas...and quotes
Her favorite movies are Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Gone With the Wind and The Parent Trap (old version)
She taught me how to drive, I was the first person she's ever taught.
I've broken her in for all my siblings. :)
She says she hasn't gotten a full night's sleep in seventeen years
She, Lydia, and I (and sometimes my dad) watch 19 Kids and Counting every Tuesday night
She always buys me good books
Sometimes, when I'm about to climb into the suburban she drives off, laughing.  Over and over again. (she likes to do that to Lydia too) - she said she didn't want me to tell that because it makes her sound immature! :)
When I was little she read to me every day, sometimes hours at a time
She expected me to read when I was four, like she did.
I didn't read until I was seven
She's an amazing cake decorator and seamstress...not! :)
She doesn't mind my accents...even when they don't sound right
We have our own brand of humor that we understand completely
She hums and sings a lot
She always wanted long hair as a child
She's not an animal person
She's one of my kindred spirits :)
She seeks after God
She's a noncomformist
She makes great bread
I tell her everything, I know I can completely trust her
My forgetfullness exasperates her (I'm working on that)
Once when we were in the mall parking lot she blew the horn really loudly at a lady who she thought was her sister (it was not.)
I love spending time with her.
She is my dearest, sweetest friend and I mean that 100%

I'm SO glad that God blessed me with the mom that He did. She wants all that He has for our family. She hungers for the things of God and of the Holy Spirit.

My Mom with her two sisters in New York City in 1991

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