Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Sister

A Few Random Things About Lily Kate,

Every time she sees a picture of herself she goes, "ME! ME!"

She loves wearing something new.

She doesn't eat anything that's green (except for avacados)

She loves yogurt, cheese, and hummus

She's being potty trained....she's had a couple accidents today. Fun.

She loves to dance

She loves having her toenails painted.

She almost always has a ponytail "sprouting" out of her head.

When it comes to sleeping she's a GREAT faker

She and I are exactly 14 years, 2 months, and 25 days apart in age

She has many nicknames...Lady Katherine...Katie Bug...The Duchess...Baby Girl...

She and my dad have a very special bond

She doesn't use very many words but what she does say she says with great emotion. haha

She has a pink blanket known as "tag"...they are quite attached.

She loves sneaking chocolate

I love having a little sister. She's my little dancer, my little buddy, my little friend. She has a very special place in my heart. I'm so glad God gave her to me. She turned two last month. I got to be at her birth which was a really great experience. I was hoping she would have black hair...she had no hair. But that's okay! She looks a lot like I did at her age, minus the hair. She's quite a personality, she has her own ideas about things. It's so much fun seeing her discover new things. She really loves music and dance, and pretty things. When she spots something nice she yells, "bobo!" meaning "beautiful!"

She is very special.


  1. Yes...little sisters are amazing! Mine is 2 1/2 years younger than me....btw, your sister is sooo adorable! :)

  2. aww, love this. I'm actually the youngest of 4 girls. but, I love little ones. ♥

  3. Okay, now I REALLY wish that I had a little sister!