Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dirt on My Dad

The first thing you'll notice about my dad is that he's not afraid to say what he's thinking
He has a very strong personality
He's a really great cook
We've watched a lot of The Andy Griffith Show together over the years
And Food Network
He's extremely protective
My mom says that people either really like him or they really don't like him,
He has a tender side
He loves sarcasm
He works hard to provide for our family
He grew up in Georgia
He doesn't read very much but when he gets a hold of a book he likes he reads it in a day or two
He's always wanted to have a big family
He wanted to have a little girl first to teach him how to be gentle
Lydia gives him a manicure every week, thus he never has to cut his own nails
He's gotten out of the habit of exercising regularly, just sayin' :)
He loves Christmas time
He makes it very special
He wants a tattoo of our family tree
He likes southern Gospel music
He's gone to the dentist once in the last nineteen years
He has great teeth, he's never had a cavity
My parents on their wedding day

He and I rarely have a disagreement
But I exasperate him, and he exasperates me
He encourages me in my goals
I like to hear him pray
He always turns to my mom for health advice, he doesn't always listen to her though
He turned twenty-five nine days after I was born
He and Gabe are going to hike part of the Appalachian trail in October
He can't carry a tune
He had long hair in highschool
He bought my mom a pair of ugly men's hiking shoes for her birthday one year. Other than that he usually is really great about birthdays.
I usually like the clothes he gives me for Christmas, he has good taste.
He's the kite, my mom's the string
Financially, he's the free spirit, my mom's the nerd
He's not fun to travel with but once you get to your destination he has a good time
When I was younger he bought me leopard print footed pajamas for Christmas as at joke. They were hideous.
He lets the boys eat junk food :)
He's a command if you didn't know that
He gives me good advice, I value his opinion a lot
There's been many nights when he has comes to pick me up from ballet at 9 o'clock at night, he's never once complained
He can't put on accents to save his life
He's a good planner and coordinator
He respects my mom
He's very generous
He's hospitable
He has called Lily Kate "Baby Girl" since the day she was born
He dislikes math
He was in the army when I was born
He's a dreamer
He loves bull mastiffs
He likes sports
He never misses one of the boys baseball games
He's a good builder
My mom's nickname for him is Scotty-boy
He's creative
If he's in the kitchen while I'm cooking he always has to tell me what I'm doing wrong, then he sees that I'm annoyed and he lets me get on with my work..most of the time.
He got his Bachelor's degree last year!!
Lily Kate has him wrapped around her little finger :)
He introduced me to sushi, I've been hooked ever since.
The first time my mom met him she thought she was cute but a little arrogant.
My mom can't stand to be in the kitchen while my dad is cooking.
He likes war movies.
He always has a new business scheme cooking up in his mind. Right now it's a food truck business. I suppose I'd be his sous chef. :)

God really created my dad with a unique personality. I've really never met anyone like him. Haha.
I believe God has great plans for him. I'm thankful for him. I believe that God has something great in store for him.
I love you :)
Oh, and one other thing. He doesn't know I'm writing this... :)

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