Who I Am

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that without Him nothing in life matters. He is the only thing that can give you perfect peace and hope and joy. He loved you before time began. He is the creator of the universe and the mender of our hearts. He is the one who spoke the earth into being and He's the one who sketched the thumb print of every baby. He created the milkyway and he created you. In God's eye you are a masterpiece.

I'm learning to surrender to Him. I'm learning to "give what I cannot keep, to gain what I cannot loose." I'm human and I have made many mistakes but He has forgiven me. He calls me His child and I am free from the chains of sin. He has redeemed my past, He makes my present make sense, and He is makes my future secure. I love His word and the comfort and joy that it gives me.

I have five younger siblings who I bing a lot of fun and "zest" to my life. haha. I love ballet, music, chocolate, summertime evenings, swimming, spending time with my family, singing, ice cream, Georgia, interior decorating, baking, blogging, staying up late, reading, journalling, dreaming, kittens, Europe, travelling, coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, Jane Austen, musicals, sushi, celtic music, working out, old movies, beautiful books, quotes, poems....