Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gabriel Baldwin

Gabe is the oldest of the boys, he has a lot of oldest child characteristics
He's a hard worker
He loves Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man
He and I have an ongoing debate on whether baseball or ballet is harder.
He's very kind and considerate and he's a lot of fun too.
When it comes to clothes, comfort is his top priority...I try to get him to branch out. Sometimes he likes that and sometimes he doesn't.
He loves baseball, hiking, and camping
He can do twenty pushpups
He's great at making things and figuring out how things work
He hates chocolate
He's a grouch when he doesn't get enough sleep :)
He likes country music
He doesn't like ballet
He's a big Braves baseball fan
I won't say what he thinks about girls because he asked me not to
He's going to be a middle schooler this year
He likes war movies, especially The Patriot
He's not a huge sweet eater.
He keeps Titus from getting too swell headed. :)
He's the slow and steady type.
He's honorable

He's a gentleman in every sense of the word. And I mean that.

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