Thursday, August 11, 2011

All about my Little, Big Sister

~Abigail Layne~

This is Lydia-- you read about me yesterday...

I told Abigail since she had written about all of us, that I was going to write about her, and surprisingly she agreed! :)

 She is a very kind person.  She does not like to say ANYTHING unkind about anyone.
        She gives great gifts... despite the fact that she is a major tight-wad.
  She likes to bake- one of my favorites is chocolate cheesecake.
           She is the most indecisive person I know.
                             She is extremely creative.
She gets obsessive about things (ballet, chocolate, accents, Europe, books, quotes, Les Miserables, just to name a few).  We laugh saying that she could go an entire day speaking only in quotes.
She really likes chocolate.  When my mom walks in from grocery shopping, her first question is "did you buy any chocolate?"
She cries about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. She cries when she is happy, she cries when  she is sad. She cries when she is frustrated, and she cries when she is mad. She said that if there was a pill that she could take to make her not cry, she would take it. 
She is an amazing driver... that's all I am going to say. ;)

She is a beautiful dancer.
      She entertains us daily with her attempts at playing "Les Miserables" songs on the piano. It is indeed miserable.
She humours us with her daily attempts at accents- particularly her British accent. 
      When it comes to swimming, she is a good diver.
She is a dreamer.  She is very soft-spoken.  She is a hard worker, always striving for excellence.
If you look through her ballet bag, you will find a spare big toe-nail in a plastic bag.. we call it her prosthetic toenail.  She lost it dancing en pointe and she had to bandaid it back on before the new nail grew in.
     She is extremely forgetful, but she is quick to remind us that she does remember important things.
Even though she is extremely careful with her money (as in not spending it), you will find it laying around the house, along with various other things of hers.

 She brushes her teeth ferociously.
      She walks like a ballerina (aka- duck)... and she's proud of it, go figure. ;)
She desperately wants to travel.

If something is difficult she thinks she has to do it.  She started running when we lived in south Georgia and would run in 100+ degree weather. 
   She had an enormous amount of hair when she was born... she still does.

 She hates the fact that people sometimes think that I am older than her.
       She likes to point out that she is the guinea pig of the family.
She and I have shared a room since we were very little.
      She is a stickler for traditions.
She thinks my south Georgia accent is excellent, although she really dislikes it! :)

 She loves beautiful things-- music, home decor, old things, clothes/aprons, flowers...
       She and I love to sing together... except when I try to harmonize and it doesn't come out quite right- then she gets annoyed and stops.

She is a beautiful girl, and I am so happy to have her as my sister. God has been working so much in her life and it is very evident. She follows hard after the heart of God.  She is willing to let Him use her in whatever way He wants to.

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