Monday, August 8, 2011

Levi Walker

Levi's my youngest brother. Charming, clever, handsome...haha

He has beautiful eyes
He has a bad temper
He's a big teaser
He loves to sing
He gives me driving instructions
He has a lisp :)
He really likes celtic music
He appreciates words of affirmation
He has a guitar with two strings remaining.
He's not very kind to our cat.
He "accompanies" himself on the piano while he sings "Les Miserable" songs
He likes girls (a lot)
He learned to swim this summer
His birth was the worst out of all three I've seen.
He is very charming. When he was very small he would ride in a backpack on my dad and sing "Amazing Grace" at the top of his lungs.
He appreciates ballet.
He loves sushi, coffee, and spaghetti
For about nine months my mom, Lydia, and I couldn't leave the house without him going through the following routine:

"You're gorgeous, and pretty, and beautiful! I love you! And you're genteel, and I so adore you! You are my one heart, you are my one star, you are my one pink Georgia bulldog. GOODBYE!" (can you tell he has separation anxiety? :)

He and I have a lot in common, he wants to travel. He and I are going to go to England together one day-he is absolutely sure of it.

I love this boy.

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