Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've tried it on my own and failed
Temptations and tempests beat against me ceaselessly
Helpless I am in the face of offense
And fearful, and cowardly I am in defense

But the Spirit came upon me with a breath full of Life
And lifted my head up to look above the strife
And a feeling of wholeness wrapped around me and a comfort came
And an assurance that I would never be the same

For above the din of the confusion of life
 I heard a voice say "You are not alone, and never will be"
And a constant Peace I will be to thee

 I know I would not want to live a single day
Without The Holy One as my Helper
My constant defense
The Lover of my soul in the hour of offense

We're each on a mission, as we live our lives
We have no need to fear for we know He will rise
Though hard the road, and difficult the path
We are protected and safe from the enemy's wrath

So send the fire today
Send Your Spirit upon us
We need a touch of Your mighty hand
We need the Power to take a stand
Here we are waiting
For the One to descend
We're waiting for the breath of Your Rushing Wind

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